8 Awesome Video Game Tattoos for Men

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It takes commitment to have an image to have it permanently inked into your skin and video game tattoos for men are no exception. Many of us grew up playing video games and have fond memories of them. These video games can represent some of the best times of our youth, even if we have lived well beyond those young days. That’s why video game tattoos for guys can be an ideal choice when looking for a way to immortalize childhood or just have some good old-fashioned fun.

1. Mario sleeve tattoo: One of the most popular video game tattoos for guys depicts Mario. This tattoo features a clever design that captures the fun and innocence of Super Mario at its finest. It shows many different aspects of the game with bright colors and lots of action.


2. Nintendo montage sleeve tattoo: Why stop at Mario when you can have more than one Nintendo game represented? Everything from Mario to Donkey Kong to Zelda and more. This amazing montage has vivid color and comes from a vivid imagination.


3. Halo: This Master Chief from Halo is a great tattoo design and sure to be the envy of any Halo fan. The colors are fabulous, but even more impressive, is the detail of this design, making it one of the most awesome video game tattoos for men.


4. Sonic the Hedgehog: Who can resist immortalizing Sonic the Hedgehog in ink? This design is incredibly accurate and says a lot about the talent of the tattoo artist that created it. The color and details are impressive.


5. Pokemon: Pokemon is classic and there are so many Pokemon characters one could choose when deciding on video game tattoos. This image of Haunter is absolutely priceless in its level of detail and the creativity that went into the design.


6. Respect Your Roots: Like the tattoo says, Respect Your Roots. That would be your video game roots, the fabulous classics from which all others evolved. With Pac-man, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Pokemon, and more represented, this tattoo does a great job of paying respect to our gaming roots.


7. Classics: This tattoo goes back even farther, a great totem to the classic games, starting with Pong! Space Invaders, Frogger, Pac-man, Mario, and Donkey Kong are all there. There couldn’t be a better tribute to the classic games than this tattoo. While a lot of younger gamers won’t know some of these classics, others will definitely recognize them.


8. Pac-man: Pac-man needs some representation of his own. He is one of the original and most well-remembered, well-loved games of all time. Who doesn’t remember zipping around that maze, chomping down those pellets, and running from the ghosts? This tattoo is unique and depicts the classic game design in an unusual way, making it truly stand out as one of the great tattoos for men.