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Although laptops are more compact and stronger every year, a gamer who wants to be a powerful PC owner, its still the best choice for a desktop computer. This is especially true if the person is a machine you are planning to assemble, so is often much cheaper to get along like a machine ready to buy the man a trader. Significant differences may exist between the various components, such as processors, memory, and video card prices for a store, so in the end can save a lot of players. Of course, we should not forget that building a PC gamer by no means cheap. Anyone who is looking for a desktop computer, which cope with today’s often fairly large system-intensive games without the ability to issue its costing the need to reach to avoid falling into the notch experience. However, if someone is willing to compromise on some bev├íllalni, fortunately, it does not need to collect several months to several hundred thousand forints worth then take a relatively good tool. Roughly one hundred and fifty thousand forints for example, has built a PC gamer is absolutely correct, which is able to make it run most games at medium graphics settings. But still fit into such a framework which parts? If you already have a good keyboard, monitor and mouse, the price fits into a medium-sized powerhouse, which can pack into the components. The purpose of the example, corresponds to perfect NZXT Source 210 Elite, which is not only light, but also provides a metal case, thus sufficiently durable. Although many people overestimate this, such a price range of most PC has enough of a 500-watt power supply, which is to serve the individual components able without problem. We offer the AMD FX processor by way of 6300, at which a 3.5 GHz or 6-core. Best of all, it’s not just the games, but for other purposes also provide good service. Although the memory is still one of the most expensive element when it comes to building a PC gamer for a desktop computer is expected to 8GB, so less in no way should be taken into account.